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Who Am I?

I am Musokhon Mukayumkhonov, 23 year old Android Developer. I received my bachelor's in Computer Science from the Korea Advanced Instritute of Science and Techology (KAIST) in August 2018, with a double major in Business and Technology Management.

After graduating university I did 6 months internship at NAVER and now I am working as an Android Developer at Influential.


Work Experience

Android Developer at Influential February 2019 - Present

Android Developer for Welaaa application

Duties included

  • Developing 2.0 Android version of Welaaa application
  • Current application is written with React Native

Gangnam, South Korea

Android Developer at LINE July 2018 - December 2018

Android Developer Intern at LINE Webtoon

Duties included

  • Developing Autodownload Manager
  • Upgrading Database from OrmLite to Room
  • Implementing new feature - Monetized Content
  • Improving and fixing existing features

Seongnam, South Korea
Advisor: Park Chan Kyu, chankyu.park@webtoonscorp.com

Research Intern at CML July 2017 - January 2018

Research Intern at Computational Media Lab

Duties included

  • Automatic editing of audio-visual data
  • Speech Recognition

KAIST, Daejeon, South Korea
Advisor: Prof. Jean-Charles Bazin, bazinjc@kaist.ac.kr

Individual Study December 2016 - March 2017

Individual Study at AI and Media Laboratory

Duties inlcuded

  • Image Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks

KAIST, Daejeon, South Korea
Advisor: Prof. Hyun Seung Yang, hsyang@cs.kaist.ac.kr

My Work

Recent Projects

LINE Webtoon

The global digital comics service platform, LINE WEBTOON offers daily updated over 200 online comics for free.

Play Store


Audio book and premium lectures

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Automatic editing of audio-visual data especially speech, song, music videos. With project Obama, one can make anyone sing any song of their choice. The only requirement is having a lot of speech data of that person.

Source code

More Or Less Footballers Game

A comparison game that one can compare number of Instagram followers, market value, number of goals scored of footballers. Numbers are updated daily so that users get the latest numbers while playing.

Play Store Source code

Daily Korean Learning Application

An application that provides daily korean dialogs, new words for users to practice Korean Language. It retrieves data from Naver's Today's Expression and updated daily.

Play Store

Tajik Cuisine

Tajik Cuisine Application that has more than 150,000 downloads. It has a lot of receipies that users can follow.

Play Store Source code

Prayer Times

An application that has a lot of Islamic features for the users of Tajikistan. It uses several RESTful APIs to get request daily data.

Play Store Source code

4 Pics 1 Poet

Interactive game that displays 4 pictures and players will be asked to detect which Persian poet those pictures refer.

Play Store Source code

E-PULL (Alpha Version)

First prototype Electronic Payment System designed for Tajikitan. User's can send, recieve and make payments through application. It uses Firebase's database to store all the data. Currently, we are in process of finding investors.

Play Store Contact for testing


MangoSub is a platform that understands the lack of fun English learning materials. On ManguSob, you can have fun while you learn English. After spending time watching videos and subtitling them, you will have to improve your English listening skills without realizing!

Link Source code


KAIST GO is Pokemon GO type game designed for KAIST Daejeon Main Campus. There are 3 types of pokemons namely Text, Image, Video located at 3 different regions of KAIST at E11, Main Gate and N1 building zone. This project was Homework 2 of Mobile Computing and Applications CS442.

Source code

Share Task Geo Based

A social platform in which users can share the tasks that need to be done in certain locations. Other users can see the task list at their current location. If they want to perform the task, they can contact the task creator and perform it. Task creator can reward the performer according to their negotiation.

Source code

My Specialty

Languages that I feel comfortable












Honors and Awards

Some of Honors and Awards I Have received

  • Winning Team for Young Professionals’ Forum (YPs@APCS) SEPTEMBER 2017 | Daejeon, South Korea
  • Selected Team for Global Outreach Program at KAIST JULY 2015 | Daejeon, South Korea
  • Honorable Mention | International Mathematical Olympiad JULY 2013 | Santa Marta, Colombia
  • Gold Medal | Junior Balkan Mathematics Olympiad JULY 2011 | Larnaca, Cyprus
  • Silver Medal | International Zhautikov Olympiad JANUARY 2013 | Almata, Kazakhstan
  • Bronze Medal | Balkan Mathematics Olympiad MAY 2012 | Antalya, Turkey

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Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea